So I went to Hakodate, Hokkaido for two months in the summer of 1994 to ostensibly study Japanese. You see, I got a $4000 scholarship from the Japan Center at N.C. State for the purpose. Mertz-sensee recommended I use the money to go to Middlebury College in Vermont because it's the best place to learn language -- language boot camp if you will.

Dammit, someone gives me money to study Japanese, I'm going to Japan.

So I did.

Here's the journal I kept.

The legibility of the writing leaves much to be desired, and there may be comments I have to make, so all current edits will be in [square brackets]. Also, I'm really sorry about the overuse of particular words in the entries. Really.

And I really am =very= sorry that most parts sound like it was written by an 8 yr old. All I can say is: I was very tired very often.

Here goes:

Mary Pat Campbell, last updated 19 Jan 2000