Sanditon: A Novel

by Jane Austen and Another Lady

Nice completion of an Austen remnant

December 3, 1999

Only 11 of the 30 chapters of this book were actually written by Jane Austen. However, the completion made, though somewhat livelier than I am used to from Austen, fits in quite well with the start that had been made.

The plot is extremely light compared to Austen's other books -- there are indeed, some very annoying characters, but what ill-spirited characters there are give no real distress to the heroine of the book, as is usual in the other books. Many of the "comic" characters are allowed to show some improvement (which is odd compared to such Austen creations as Mrs. Bennett, or Robert Ferrars), but who knows? The 11 chapters written by Austen seemed written in a very light spirit, and perhaps something like this novel would have been the result.

I think it a very good read.

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Mary Pat Campbell, last updated 11 June 2001