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A book by Charles Dickens
A book by Jane Austen
A book by Agatha Christie
A book on probability
A book by Martin Gardner
A book by Larry Gonick
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Considering that I own well over 1000 books, I suppose it's a good thing that I like to read. I read for pleasure, I read for information, and I read because it's good for the soul. For right now, all I have here are some reviews I wrote at Eventually, I shall have statements as to my opinions about specific authors, and some more full-fledged critiques of the books. Writing for the standard Amazon crowd (who are there, presumably, to decide whether or not to buy a particular book) and writing for the patrons of are two entirely different things.

Jane Austen

Orson Scott Card

Charles Dickens

Judith Martin (aka Miss Manners)

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Science Fiction (and Fantasy, if it sticks its nose in)

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