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I swear, once upon a time, I had pictures of my friends, my apartment, all sorts of things. Now I just have pics that I swiped from other people's pages - namely Laura & Nick & Brad (oh my!).

So, for those of you who want to look at the pics & want to know who these people are (though I must wonder why you're looking at these if you don't know these people - we aren't celebrities for crying out loud) - here we go:

There's Grandma Campbell, my father's mother, and her children - my Aunt Luann and Uncle Ed. Aunt Luann's kids are Rhonda, Brett and Amber, and Rhonda and Boo's kids are Samantha, James, and Natalie. Uncle Ed and Aunt Bobbi have 2 kids - Nick & Kelli (Nick scanned most of these photos).

Then there's my family - my ma, her husband John, my sister Amy (with her 2 dogs Ollie & Ernie and now Mollie, the second bulldog) and my sister Carey (who is a cheerleader at Duke, thus the get-up). Dixie and Daisy used to be the dogs of the family, but she currently they are ashes somewhere in the house.

You can identify the Campbell cousins by these noticeable traits: the forehead (required), the nose (optional), the cheeks (required), and the chin (pretty much required as well)... And they'll know we are Campbells by our chins, by our chins, and they'll know we are Campbells by our chins. Those who wear glasses are me, my ma, and Grandma Campbell; I hope you can tell us apart. Wait, I think Amber and Aunt Luann wear glasses too, never mind. Almost all of us have had our vision ruined by sitting too close to books at night.

I am married to Stuart, who has a daughter Heather (Roo), whose mother is Laura, married to Loyd, who have 5 kids between the 2 of them (from various sources.) We also have a daughter, Maureen, who was born May 27, 2003, so that explains the plethora of Maureen pics.

Then there is the gorgeousness that is my best friend Brad. I think that covers all of us so far.

Mary Pat Campbell, last updated June 2003