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There are so many reasons to give me money, but just like public radio, you don't have to pay for my outpourings.I do it for free. Heck, I can't even use the threat NPR and PBS likes to use -- I'm not going to disappear ifnoone gives me any money.

So why do it? Well, it =does= cost something to run this site (not much, I grant you, but it's still money), andStuart is trying to set it up so can be served from home, and money to support educational materialswould be welcome.

And money is often the standard form of showing that one values something. Even though the payments can be aslittle as 1 dollar, it would make me feel warm and fuzzy to know someone thought my site was worth a dollar. It'salso cheaper for you to send me a dollar rather than buying something from my Amazon wish list. Most of the bookson there are at least 30 bucks, and I use it as my own shopping list more than anything else (thus, some 80 dollarmath books).

Anyway, I would like money. Please give me money.

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Other ways to let me get more money

Actually, there are a couple other ways I can profit from you, without youpaying me directly. is an "associate" for So if you go to my search page and pick or, and use the little search engines there, I can getsome money. We get money from for every search (not much, butthey =did= send us a fifteen dollar check not too long ago, almostentirely from Stuart's activity). I get credited by if you usethe search engine and then buy the books.

Also, if you go to my Book Review Page,you will see a link on each of the reviews to the books at amazon. I getcredited if you click on those links and buy the book. Should I get anymoney from this, it's in the form of an gift certificate. Sobasically, we're just giving more and more money to amazon. Which I like,because it's my best resource for getting hard-to-get books on theweb.

As well, Stu and I are signed up with Hostsave, and we're on their affiliate program.Hostsave is what I use to host with, so sign up and give us a kickback:Get Web Hosting for Less at  Click Here!

If I come up with any other ways I can make money off of you, I'll letyou know. - News on Mac Prices - Breaking news on the latest technology prices

Mary Pat Campbell, last updated 21 Feb 2001