MC2K1 Raps

Zometool Maniac by Ryan Hendrickson

So I was hanging in Williams Lounge
Just me and my boys
Playing with cards and ping-pong paddles
And making lots of noise
When on the other side of the room
A flash of color caught my eye
Red, yellow, and blue Zometool
Reaching up to the sky
So I picked up a stick
Stuck it in a ball
From that point on
There was no stopping me at all
Now I'm the master attacher
The creation-makin' leader
Spending all my time
Building Archemedian polyhedra

Now everybody step back!
I'm about to have a Zome attack!
So if you got Zome, better watch your back!
'Cause I'm a Zometool maniac!

Stellated, truncated
If you can say it, I'll create it
Don't be trying to save your model
'Cause I'll just obliterate it
Trying to get more little blues
Long yellows, medium reds
All this playing alound with Zometool's
Really messing with my head
Every chance that I can get
You can find me in the lounge
Gathering up all the extra
Sticks and balls that I can scrounge
And even in my classes
The mentors catch me dreamin'
'Bout how to fit that last ball
Into my snub dodecahedron

Now everybody step back!
I'm about to have a Zome attack!
So if you got Zome, better watch your back!
'Cause I'm a Zometool maniac!

1 AM, and I'm delirious
But I still work on
I'm trying to build a model out of
Just the concave polygons
There's no longer any room
For me to walk on the ground
There's too many polyhedra
Scattered around
I haven't eaten for days
Haven't slept for 40 hours
My fingers are blistered
And I could really use a shower
But I gotta build more models
Before they're taken apart
When I grow up, I wanna be
The next George Hart

Now everybody step back!
I'm about to have a Zome attack!
So if you got Zome, better watch your back!
'Cause I'm a Zometool maniac!

I'm a Zometool maniac! (Zome, zome, zome...)
Oh, I'm a Zometool maniac! (Zome, zome, zome...)
See, I'm a Zometool maniac! (Zome, zome, zome...)
Yeah, I'm a Zometool maniac!

Raps from MC Ari Fresh

You know how it goes -- you gotta lay down the beat:

Boof Piff ba Boof Boof Piff
Bf Pff b' Bf Bf Pff

And now that that's ready, I'm gonna repeat
Our Rapmaster's rhymes, so here it is in the flesh:
Three lyrical works from our MC Ari Fresh:

Intro Rap

Good morning everybody and welcome to the camp
My name is Ari and I hope you're all amped
to have a really great time and learn some cool math
but before we got to that, you're gonna meet the staff
We're a lean, mean, teaching, mathematical crew
but most importantly we are here for you
Well, that's my speech, hope you all have fun
at M-A-T-H-C-A-M-P two zero zero one

Respect the Zome (Word!)

When I was looking at the first floor Williams lounge last night
I was thinking to myself, "Man, that ain't right!"
Cuz there was stuff lying all over and I must confess
That somebody has been leaving a huge ol' nasty mess
And the worst thing of the lot, yeah, listen up, fool
was that scattered all over the floor was a whole ton of Zometool.
Now, I don't know how any of you treat your own home,
but here at Mathcamp, you pick up your own Zome!
If it happens again, we'll take it away, and how!
You'll have to play Mao! How ya like me now!
So unless you want to force the staff to be mean,
pick up after yourselves, and keep the first floor Williams lounge clean!

King Chicken - from 30 Proofs in 30 Minutes

Given an orientation of a complete graph G
then we know there must exist some vertex v
so that every other vertex (yeah, listen up, foo!)
is reachable by a path of length no more than two
Choose v as a vertex with maximum out-degree.
Assume not. Then there exists a vertex t
which has no path of length two or less from v
But everything in v's out-neighborhood
is also hit by t, and that ain't good
because we know that t also has to hit v
and therefore it has greater out-degree
contradiction, QED!

Meep, last updated Aug 2001